As one of the University of Alabama’s most respected and lauded honor societies, the Anderson Society is not simply about recognition – it is about giving back.

The Anderson Society is a leadership honorary that recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to the University of Alabama.  While these contributions often take many forms, there are certain qualities of members of the Anderson Society that are prominently and ubiquitously found – an immersion into some sort of community service, passion for improving the university community through both explicit and implicit means, and persistent effort to attain excellence in some sphere of university life.  Once an Anderson initiate, members are expected to continue to devote themselves to various forms of service, some directly under the auspices of the Anderson Society, but much more individually.

Selection Criteria

Class standing: Current juniors in good judicial standing
GPA: 3.33
Timeline: Spring

In order to be considered for active membership in the Anderson Society, candidates must fill out an application in the spring of their junior year. Applicants must have a 3.33 overall GPA, outstanding leadership qualities, and be active on campus and in the community. No interview is required for membership. Twenty-four active members are selected.

Another category of membership is honorary membership. Honorary membership consists of those students, graduate and undergraduate, that are selected for membership but who will not be returning to the University in the fall due to graduation. Faculty members who are chosen are also considered to have honorary membership. Seven honorary members are chosen. Applicants who are selected for both types of memberships are tapped on The Mound during Honors Day in the spring.

If you have any questions about the activities or membership requirements of the Anderson Society, email or contact UA’s Coordinating Council for Honor Societies.