Celebrating achievement through honor society membership is the pinnacle way to chronicle a student’s academic, leadership, and service accomplishments while at The University of Alabama.

The Coordinating Council for Honor Societies (CCHS) was founded at The University of Alabama in the spring of 1987 with the goals of increasing campus awareness of honor societies and supporting the initiations and events of member groups.

CCHS strives to stimulate cooperative programs and projects and encourage communication among member groups. CCHS also assists in the planning of Honors Week and sponsors honor society preview events. Through application and acceptance, students can join a membership of vibrant, accomplished scholars at The University of Alabama.

Honors Day

Join an Honor Society

Learn more about honor society opportunities now. Honor Society membership is a great representation of your college achievements and can offer opportunities for professional and personal development!
Honors Day

Spring Applications

Applications for the Outstanding Student Awards and many of our prestigious honor societies will begin January 28th. Through the application portal, you may apply to the honor societies matching your eligibility. Additionally, we encourage you to review our Outstanding Student Awards applications. Awardees are recognized during the annual Honors Day ceremony. Don’t miss out on a chance to share what you have accomplished at UA! Consider applying today!
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Apply to multiple honor societies at the Capstone to unlock your maximum potential both on campus and beyond.